Why I Wear YSL Lipsticks On Repeat

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YSL was the first luxury lipstick that I invested in, and as you can see my collection has grown along with my love over these past few years. I personally adore the Rouge Volupté Shine collection. So much so, I’ve decided to dedicate a blog post on my favourite hues! The vibrant lipstick collection launched in 2013 and in a nutshell, it’s an all-in-one cocktail of lip care that makes your lips become more plump and beautiful whilst preventing lips from drying out and peeling. As you can see they are both elegant and glamourous. YSL have had this packaging for a while now and I’m still very smitten by the look of them to date (you may have noticed this from a number of my Instagram posts). The texture is a great improvement compared to the original in my opinion, they still have this melting buttery and smooth texture, but with a much more hydrating formula. The Rouge Volupté Shine collection don’t make my lips appear as dry as with the original Rouge Volupte. The pigmentation is fairy rich for a sheer lipstick so only one to two swipes are enough to cover. And they smell is divine too, almost good enough to eat! And it’s for all of the above reasons why I wear YSL lipsticks on repeat.

Why I wear YSL lipsticks on repeat

To give you an idea of my favourite Rouge Volupté Shine hues, here’s the colours from the above image for reference, starting closest to us first.

15 – Coral Intuitive

6 – Pink in Devotion

4 – Rouge in Danger

52 – Trapeze Pink (pictured above wearing)

49 – Rose Saint Germain

What do you think of my favourite Rouge Volupté Shine colours, do you have a favourite hue?





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    10:36 am / 10:36 am

    Beautiful shades, fabulous photography!

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