The Courtyard Garden, Sanderson

Those who know me well, will already know that when I’m in London I tend to stay at one of the sbe – Morgans Hotel Group; Mondrian, Sanderson and St Martins Lane. I will always have a fondness with these Hotels. When I first left drama school, I worked as a receptionist at St Martins whilst auditioning for acting/presenting roles. And due to great memories, I will always prioritise these luxury yet trend led destinations to stay whilst visiting London for a couple of days. Each hotel has a distinctive look and a huge appeal due to the great locations which are all in the heart of London. So you can imagine my excitement when I was invited to a bloggers dinner at The Restaurant in The Courtyard Garden, Sanderson.

The Courtyard Garden, Sanderson

My last visit to the Sanderson was over six months ago, so I was really looking forward to revisiting and experiencing the Courtyard Garden, Sanderson. As you can see the private courtyard literally takes you into a whimsical world of escapism. The garden, featuring flowering tees, fountains with reflecting pools, allows you to experience summer whilst relaxing in a private sanctuary which is unique to London. What do you think? Isn’t it an absolute dream location!

Sanderson Summer Delights

Starting with an aperitif, I highly recommend the VVVoom. A cocktail of bombay sapphire gin, parfait amour liqueur, citrus and elderflower liqueur. Seriously, it tastes as good as it looks!

With a selection of the new flavoured dishes, which are perfect for those longer summer evenings, here’s my recommendations. For starters, the heritage radish and kale salad with blue cheese and artichoke was surprisingly good. I say this as I’m not a fan of blue cheese nor artichoke, but the way they mused these flavours together had my tastebuds bursting with delight.

For mains both the chicken and cod are delicious but again a total curveball won me over. This time, the seasonal vegetable risotto with English peas, asparagus and avocado had my vote. The fusion of flavours left me wanting more.

And deserts? I know, this is my favourite part of the meal…… But guess what? Leaving dinner in true Cinderella style, I had to make my way back to Dorset for work the next morning (sob!). But worry not, I’m definitely making my way back to satisfy my sweet tastebuds with a Tipsy Evening Tea (yes, this is actually a thing!) at the Sanderson very soon, so watch this space!!!


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