Taking LifenStyle onto the Next Level

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re in luck; I’ve now found a way you can shop my outfits straight from there. Never again will you have to ask the question “where did you get that?” And wait for a response

The platform is called LIKETOKNOW.IT, it allows you to receive ready-to-shop product links of my Instagram outfits straight to your inbox so you can shop my favourite looks!


Rhiannon Duffin 4

Shop the Post

Rhiannon Duffin 3



From now on you’ll see this threesome on some of my Instagram photos; #LIKETKIT LIKETK.IT/ABC @LIKETKIT

Once you register to LIKETOKNOW.IT, every time you like one of my Instagrams with this bundle, you’ll get all the juicy details to your inbox.

And to make life much simpler you can also shop direct from my homepage too. As we are all fabulous busy fashionistas, I wanted to make all styles available with ease – I hope you enjoy these new changes.

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