Summer Hair Solutions To Enhance Your Tresses

As we’re well and truly into summer, I’ve noticed a considerable difference with my hair. It’s funny, I’ve never really thought about protecting my locks like I would my skin until now. Summer hair solutions is a priority for me, did you know that the sun can be just as damaging to your hair as bleach can. So to prevent dry hair which leads to breakage I’m all for any help I can get! With this in mind you can imagine my excitement on hearing about the Philip Kingsley Summer Solutions. The new summer hair solutions range delivers effortless summer styling whilst also guarding against UV, salt and chlorinated water damage – all of which is damaging to your tresses. The collection includes instant beach, sun shield, swimcap and after-sun scalp mask.


Philip Kingsley Summer Hair Solutions

This salt free texturising spray provides volume, flexible texture as well as heat protection for the hair. All you need to do is spray evenly throughout wet hair concentrating on mid lengths to ends. You can then leave to dry naturally, diffuse for beachy waves, or should you have straight hair like myself curl loosely for tousled waves. TOP TIP: Spritz into the palm of your hand and scrunch into dry hair for extra texture throughout the day.

Hair can burn just like your skin when it’s unprotected. This guard will protect your hair against UV rays and colour fade from sun exposure. The lightweight, nourishing mist smoothes the hair’s outer cuticle, adding shine and offering prevention from the formation of split ends and breakage. Just spray evenly all over wet or dry hair as a finishing product. TOP TIP: Apply to wet hair before heat styling for a natural hold and protection.

Originally created for the US Olympic synchronised swim team (I mean seriously, how cool is this)! The newly packaged cult classic cream is water resistant, guards against chlorine, saltwater and UV damage, all while deeply hydrating and conditioning the hair. Swimcap is the perfect summer companion to extend the life of colour treated hair and it’s for this reason it has quickly become my new beauty best friend. Apply to damp hair in sections and comb through. TOP TIP: Re-apply after each swim to keep hair fully protected.

This scalp mask contains two highly effective and natural soothing agents, Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract. After-Sun Scalp Mask soothes an irritated and sunburnt scalp whilst also conditioning and hydrating the scalp. Before you shampoo and condition the hair, apply gently to your scalp concentrating on burnt areas. TOP TIP: Use all year round to give the scalp a hydrating, healthy boost.

I’ve noticed by using the Philip Kingsley Summer Solutions I can easily achieve beachy, tousled waves without salt water damage. Together with the protection and after-sun treatment I will also continue to have healthy and hydrated hair even during summer. This means come September, it’s likely that I won’t need a massive chop at the hairdressers!!! Happy Days!


Photography c/o Lara Jane Thorpe

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