Why A Social Detox Is Beneficial For Your Wellbeing

Firstly I want to apologise for my recent AWOL. I found myself struggling with, the moment we all dread, writers block! So the only way of resolving this problem was to give myself a little timeout to regroup. I needed to give myself the headspace to figure out what was going on? And by doing so, I’ve realised there was a number of attributes to why LifenStyle came to a dramatic standstill. This also made me realise why a social detox is beneficial for your general wellbeing.

  • Time Off! Firstly we ALL need a Holiday. I’ve found that when I’m away travelling, even for a weekend, I’m still working. Brands always ask what plans I have in the pipeline. So when I do have a Holiday, I’m committed to taking photo’s, generating content and never actually switching off. Obviously I love sharing my travels, it’s part of the perks of blogging. But I’ve also realised that I’m actually putting myself under more pressure due to restricted time on agreed commitments. So by having ‘me time’ i.e switching off the phone/laptop and giving myself a social detox does absolute wonders!

  • Letting Go! This is something which I’m teaching myself to do more of. Following the above, I just need to let it go (cue Frozen music!)! I find by putting myself under unnecessary pressure, I’m not creating the best content. My head recently clicked into a negative space of comparison to other bloggers. This led me to a harmful self destructive mode of not feeling good enough, which then spiralled into an obsessive mode of unrealistic blogging expectations. By giving myself the time to reflect on my personal growth, I’ve realised how much I have achieved. Having gratitude has brought happiness to even the small things in my life. It’s actually surprising how much we take for granted until we ‘stop and smell the roses’ as they say! It’s so important to truly let go of all negativity, and it actually feels wonderful when you do. I’ve discovered by having a more positive, care free outlook on work and life, this has given me a contentment to even the mundane of days.
  • Getting Creative! That’s right, I’ve realised how important it is to find your voice, your true identity. Just recently I noticed that I’m musing into every one else, and thinking about it, it’s actually doing you a huge disservice to both your brand and longevity to blogging. By recreating content, however tempting it may be the ‘follow the trends’, it’s not organic nor true to you. And how is it interesting to read, see and watch what everyone else is doing too? It doesn’t matter where in the world you may be. There is so much content that you can create just by giving yourself time to play with your camera, lenses, angles and locations and also giving yourself the freedom to experiment. You really don’t need to book an expensive holiday to produce beautiful aspirational photos #JustSaying. For me, I want to rediscover my passions again, just like my early days of blogging when the creativity, words and excitement flowed with ease.

By having a social detox, it allows you to relax and take time out of ones busy social schedule to enjoy and appreciate the beauty in life – This will then reflect in your work and personal life. Seriously though, when was the last time you truly gave you the space to reconnect with your soul?

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