Know Your Worth And Never Give Up On Your Dreams

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As it’s been a while since I’ve opened up about my true feelings, I thought it’s about time to checkin with you all. During these past few months I have found myself comparing both my blog and Instagram to other influencers. It soon became an obsession and a downward circle of self doubt. I’m the kind of person who loves creating content with new ideas and concepts, but I’ve realised, this can soon become a dangerous want for perfection. Putting myself under a huge amount of pressure of ‘getting it right’ – I mean seriously, what is right anyway? Replying to a huge amount of emails daily, with a trying to please everyone (but myself) attitude, there’s no surprise that I found myself truly exhausted and depressed. With no motivation for… Well anything! And now? I’ve realised how important it is to know your worth. Because to be honest, in this world of blogging people will take the piss. I’ve discovered that you’ll soon find yourself doing a hell of a lot without getting payed or even a thank you for your efforts. And realising that you’re actually out of pocket, only just being able to pay the bills – This is NOT OK. I don’t want this post to be a rant, but I want to share my recent thoughts and experiences as everyone (including myself) should know your worth.

Know Your Worth

It’s so important to have positive people around you, the kind of friends you can rely on and who will genuinely support your ambitions. I’ve also realised it’s great to talk honestly with other bloggers, because we all go through these experiences and emotions. I guess we have to accept that this journey (just like life) is a roller-coaster of a ride. But clearly one which we don’t want to get off!?! I’m going to empower my recent feelings with positivity and confidence and start saying ‘no’. It is important to own your talents and stop being a pushover (note to self). Being a content creator is a dream-come-true job and we all deserve to be paid for our work. It’s time to grow some balls and #girlboss this shizzle!

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