JORD wood watches

As you know I’m always looking for stylish ways to update my wardrobe especially when it comes to accessorising. With that in mind nothing says style like a wooden watch, each piece is so unique due to its delicate detail and subtle changes in colour. If you think about it, JORD wood watches really are the way forward, not only because it’s a fashion statement but also because of the environmental benefits.

wood watches .com

Each wooden watch stands out from all other timepieces because they are handmade and it is not possible to mass-produce them unlike metal or plastic watches. Both lightweight and durable, JORD wood watches are carefully crafted to bring out the beauty of the wood and is designed to showcase the owner’s sense of unique style and taste.

JORD wood watch

JORD watch

As you can see this Sidney Maple & Rose Gold Wooden Watch is both naturally beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. The natural, organic feel of the wood brings a wonderful dimension to any outfit. The chronograph functionality is lightened by the rose iridescent dial and fixed crystal bezel. The natural elements and modern design reaches beyond a typical lady’s sport timepiece – All of which I love.

wooden watch

jord wooden watch

Wooden timepieces have come a long way from the classic shop’s with crafted wall clocks, developing in elegance and appearance to high fashion items.

Have you ever considered replacing your metal/plastic watch to a wooden timepiece? Unlike other watches that wear down over time, wooden watches look even better the longer you wear them.

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