Express Your Soul This Summer With Rituals

Expressing your soul and true self can be a struggle to obtain, our working lives and busy minds can get in the way of this. So when I heard that Rituals teamed up with one of the world’s most famous street artists MadC, who has made expressing her true self her life’s passion. I had to know more! The range is Rituals’ summer limited edition (which is only available for the next 4 months!). I love the message behind this limited collection – to follow your own passion, whether it may be drawing, sports, cooking or become your true self, master the art of rituals and ‘express your soul’. In order to do so, you must first uncover the essence, by taking care of your body and of your mind…

Life is a work of art and your daily rituals are the colours that make up the painting of your life. Follow your passion, master the art of rituals and express your soul

The *Express Your Soul limited edition collection combines the invigorating scents of verbena with the floral and citrus scent of petitgrain, creating a refreshing summery feeling which is truly up-lifting.

  • The Sugar Body Scrub, specially developed to nourish and revitalise the skin, has your body feeling wonderfully smooth after every use. Tip – use once or twice a week for soft and radiant skin. Regular exfoliation will ensure an evenly tanned skin, something we all want to obtain this summer.
  • It is essential to hydrate your skin after a day at the beach, which is why Rituals has developed the Foaming Shower Gel. This product hydrates your skin under the shower and leaves your skin beautifully soft. Tip – after showering with the shower gel sensation, use the body cream to further enhance your fragrance experience.
  • Use the Shimmering Body Cream to moisturise the skin and to give it a shimmering, radiant glow. This rich, velvety cream moisturises the skin and leaves it silky soft. It’s the perfect combination to the shower gel.
  • The Refreshing Bed & Body Mist provides your skin and surroundings a refreshing summer feeling. The formula contains no alcohol and can therefore be used easily on sensitive skin and textiles. I personally love spritzing my clothes with this scent due to the invigorating properties of Verbena with the floral citrus scent of Petitgrain – The ultimate zesty summer fragrance.
  • Another part of the Express Your Soul collection is Rituals new home product, Cold Brew Iced Tea. This tea, without sugar, was specially developed to refresh you on hot summer days and can be freshly-brewed within minutes without the use of hot water. Tip –  Infuse a tea bag with fresh, cold, natural mineral water. Then let the tea steep, ideally for 8 minutes, occasionally swirling the tea bag to fully release its natural flavour. I would suggest adding a slice of lemon and ice-cubes once brewed. And then, give yourself a fresh moment of enjoyment!

 How will you express your soul this summer….? Pst, discover the Ritual here

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