Claudia Bradby Jewellery

There’s something about fine cultured pearls which exudes elegance and timeless style and something every lady should have in her jewellery collection. If you’re considering adding pearls to your look then I couldn’t recommend Claudia Bradby Jewellery more. With the ethos that every woman should be afforded the luxury of beautiful pearls every day, I couldn’t agree more. They should be stylish, elegant and fun. And there should be a design for every conceivable wardrobe.

Claudia Bradby

Just recently I was invited to a private viewing of the Claudia Bradby Autumn/Winter Collection. And wow, I was impressed with the variety of styles which combined both glamour and relaxed styling, suitable for all occasions and different looks.

Two of my favourite items I have featured in my recent style guide. Both have been selected from the classic range which have been updated to reflect a more contemporary lifestyle.

Claudia Bradby Jewellery

Claudia Bradby Pearls

If you are looking for stunning designs featuring pearls with a modern twist these are ideal. The biography necklace is a beautiful oversized piece of jewellery which also uses the clasp as a feature, as you can see, I’ve styled this as a layering bracelet. The pearl duo earrings are also the perfect example of an on-trend style with a classic appeal. The wearing potential of both of these items are fabulous and have both become two of my favourite jewellery items. Clearly you’ll be seeing more of Claudia Bradby designs in my up-and-coming posts.

Get the Look

*Claudia Bradby Pearl Duo Earrings

*Biography Necklace

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  1. mikéla davelyn
    8:37 pm / 8:37 pm

    Beautiful bracelet! Love it!

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