The Peel Off Mud Mask

Maybeauty Mud Mask

OK, so in all honesty when I first heard that Maybeauty called their peel off mud mask, The Incredible Face Mask, I did think… Really? But being a sucker for trying good beauty products, I did want to see what all the hype was about and if it really is, incredible.

About the Incredible Face Mask

The face mask works by removing dead skin cells and particles that clog pores in your skin, preventing acne, blackheads and oily skin.

Maybeauty The Incredible Face Mask

So as soon as I received my face mask, I was keen to give it a go. Following the instructions provided I first washed my face and dried it off with a towel. I then opened the sachet to discover a thick black sticky substance. Using the brush provided I applied a thick layer of the deep sea mud onto my face avoiding my lips, eyes and eyebrows. I would recommend doing so over a sink as it can get a little messy, the good news is should you accidentally get some mud on your clothes, it does wash off easily in warm water – tried and tested.

Maybeauty Peel Off Mud Mask

I then waited for 40 minutes until the mask completely dried, there’s something wonderfully pleasing during this process of the mud tightening on the skin. And then the best bit, even though it was slightly uncomfortable, peeling the mask away to discover a layer dead skin. The easiest way to peel away the mask is by wiggling your mouth so that the edges will start to come away. Also, if you have facial hair I would recommend removing this before applying the mask.  

After this treatment I did find that the mask left my skin feeling extremely smooth and looking fabulously radiant. I will definitely continue to use this mask as part of my beauty regime. So yes, it really is The Incredible Face Mask.

If you would like to purchase The Incredible Face Mask I have a 30% discount code on this and all Maybeauty Face Mask packages, just use the coupon code newfacemask30.

Have you ever tried a peel off mud mask? Did you equally enjoy the whole process too?

Post in collaboration with Maybeauty
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