Jack Wills Nail Varnish

As soon as we hit these lighter and brighter days, the first thing I want to embrace (besides a new wardrobe) is summer colour nail varnishes. To be honest I’ve been hoarding some polishes for a number of years, even though some had become gloopy, it was time to have a serious sort-out. After I had made my cull, it was clear that I needed to invest in some brighter colours.

Jack Wills Nail Varnish

During a recent shop at Gunwharf Quays I’d notice some great nail varnishes in Jack Wills. The two colours which caught my eye were Hot Pink and Orchid.

Jack Wills Orchid Nail Varnish

Jack Wills Hot Pink Nail Varnish

As you can see both colours are bright and fabulous. I really, really love these colours – it’s a must-buy because they’re nice, smooth and easy to apply. I would recommend two coats of nail varnish to achieve maximum colour. Each polish is priced at £6.50 but should you get the chance to visit Jack Wills at Gunwharf Quays premium retail outlet the price is discounted to £3.

Did you know…

  • Nail polish originated in China as early as 3000 BC.
  • Women spend more than £29,000 on nail varnishes in their lifetime.
  • Nail Varnish should last a year.
  • Painting your nails is prohibited on airplanes.
  • Opened bottles of nail polish only last about two years.
  • The most expensive nail polish costs $250,000.
    No, that’s not a typo. The colour, Black Diamond King, is made with 267 carats worth of black diamonds!

Have you ever purchased a nail varnish from Jack Wills? If so, what’s your favourite colour?



  1. Rhiannon
    11:16 am / 11:16 am

    I know! This is new to me too – It’s such a good find as they have so many fab colours xx

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